Punk Is Dead As Shit, The Show! Part III: Camel Cult, Architect of Infinity, Buck-o-Weens, Markky Karloff, The Anti-Anthropics, and Genuine Threat at Insomniacs Bar in New Port Richey, Florida – December 20, 2013


Here are some photos and cinemagraphs (cinemagraphs are cool), and some stuff I found on the interweb from the show!

Thanks to all the bands that let me photograph them and to Ryan for help with the names!

(Click each image to see full size)


Markky Karloff:DSC_0119c DSC_0136c DSC_0167c DSC_0169c DSC_0172c

Camel Cult:

Camel CUlt 3 Camel Cult 1 Camel CUlt 2

DSC_0179c DSC_0189c DSC_0198c DSC_0228c DSC_0251c DSC_0267c DSC_0268c DSC_0269c DSC_0308d DSC_0341c DSC_0348c DSC_0358c DSC_0394c DSC_0397d DSC_0412c


Buck-o-Ween Buck-o-Ween 1

DSC_0449c DSC_0458g DSC_0460c DSC_0468c DSC_0472c DSC_0502c

Architect of Infinity:

DSC_0509c DSC_0510d DSC_0530e DSC_0538c

The Anti-Anthropics:

DSC_0557c DSC_0572c DSC_0611c DSC_0628c DSC_0646c DSC_0660c DSC_0675c DSC_0687c DSC_0688c DSC_0691c DSC_0694d

Genuine Threat:

bandDSC_0720c DSC_0745c DSC_0780c DSC_0795c DSC_0801c

Insomniacs Bar

Camel Cult

Architect of Infinity


Genuine Threat

The Anti-Anthropics


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